Butik Busana Muslim – A Symbol Of Class

Fashion has become a person’s life’s basic necessity. Every move of an individual is related to fashion irrespective of where they are or where they go. It beats with the heart beat of an individual.Fashion is basically a trend which is set and followed by the masses. Muslims are no longer backward in this race of being up to date; today many fashion boutiques have opened which cater to the requirement of individuals. Muslim fashion boutiques are basically the modest and sell that stuff which adheres to the teachings of Islam and those which do not promote nudity.
busana muslim Aini Dewasa 030 dewihijab 20121216153115 Butik Busana Muslim   A Symbol Of ClassBasically, Butik Busana Muslim is an Indonesian word which means Muslim fashion boutiques. These boutiques promote the dresses according to the teachings of Islam. Today, a very different concept has outraged amongst masses. Each and every individual is battling to be trendy and fashionable. Due to this, the concept of these Muslim fashion boutiques that are established to fulfill ones need come into play. Every individual is willing to pay the high prices to such boutiques so that their class is maintained. These boutiques not only charge a handsome amount but usually make their clients so addicted to their brand that one just cannot resist. The main objective of these fashion boutiques is to present and supply the Muslim fashion products at reasonable prices.

Islam has forbid its followers to spread vulgarity or obscenity in their social life and it is one of the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and The God’s messenger which is one of the most important rules for the Muslims to follow. There are different rules and ways of how the men and women should be dressed in their daily life and as well as on some special occasions. The religion promotes the simplest fashion styles in the world which is very much accepted in the Islamic world and countries. Even though, most of the Islamic countries are trying to be modernizing day by day, yet they do not rule out this requirement of their religion to promote nudity and obscenity.

The women in Islam have a very limited role in public life, and have a very particular legal status as men are given more rights than women. Women are ordered to cover their heads while they are out of their homes and socializing. Women are only allowed to socialize with their legal guardian and they can uncover their heads when they are at home alone or with them. Also, Islam forbids both men and women to wear something which is appealing to the opposite gender.

Islam is the complete code of life. The basic aim and objective of these fashion boutiques is to promote the fashion which is right according to the Islamic rules and Islamic way of life. So, Butik Busana Muslim keeps an individual up to date with all the latest trends and fashion in the world for both men and women, it also cover the rules of their religion and due to this, the need of these fashion boutiques comes into play.

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