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Some Basic Guidelines for Traditional Muslim Clothing

Traditional Muslim clothing wraps an individual’s body from head to toe; such clothing is necessary for women in Islam. You can easily notice burqa-clad lady in a crowd. It is compulsory for a Muslim woman to stand with the rules of Islam while dressing. Many Muslim garments such as baju kurung looks fashionable as well as abide by Islam’s guidelines. Many famous designers like Domenico Vacca have redesigned various Islamic traditional wear like Abaya.

In Islam, there some basic guidelines or requirements the traditional Muslim wear must fulfill. Some are listed here.

  • In traditional Muslim clothing, men and women should wear decent attires to cover their entire body in public. For women, it is important to cover head and face. They do so in order to preserve their traditional fact that women should not flaunt their beauty in front of men, whom they can wed. As per the tradition men must cover their body from navel to knee.
  • As per Islamic tradition, the women’s clothes must not be tight or cling. It is compulsory for women to wear loose clothes. They can wear attires like Jilbab and Abaya while going outside, to hide their body curves. Such clothing can be purchased from any butik Muslimah or Muslim boutique.
  • Transparent garments are strictly no in Islam. Neither shape nor no skin of the body must be seen from the clothes.
  • Flashy and shiny clothing should also be avoided. People, be it men or women must wear neat, clean and decent clothing.

 Some Basic Guidelines for Traditional Muslim Clothing Hence, you can see how traditional Muslim attires are different from the rest of the clothing available in the world. Islamic clothing encourages men and women to wear in decent clothing. But it’s not like that these clothing does not look fashionable. You can see hijab and baju kurung are some attire that look very fashionable, and Muslim women can wear it on any occasion.